Treats for the skin this Halloween

As much as we love going all out with Halloween outfits and spending hours with face paint to create that scare factor, all of those colours and chemicals can be harsh on your skin.

If you’re in need of a skin detox or deep cleanse, or if you’ve decided to swap a zombie mask for a face mask and skip fancy dress altogether this year, follow our easy guide to an alternative Halloween of masking.


Black Sesame Hydrogel Mask

Whilst the tiny black sesame seeds speckled within the gel formula may look a little bit spooky, the Oh K! Black Sesame Hydrogel Mask is your saviour when in need of revitalisation. Relax with the mask for 30 minutes to leave your skin looking beautiful and anything but scary.

BlackSesame (2).jpg

Gold Dust Peel Off Mask

Next up is our brand new Mix your own Oh K! Gold Dust Peel Off Mask, perfect for mixing in your cauldron (or the pot provided). Consisting of super sparkly gold dust and a gold liquid formula which, when mixed, leaves your skin radiant and glowing. Simply apply to your face and feel it sink into your pores where it starts working wonders. Leave on for 15-20 minutes, allowing the mask to dry enough to peel off easily


Bubble Sheet Mask

Bubble, bubble, toil and trouble… As soon as the unique formula in the Oh K! Bubble Sheet Mask comes into contact with the skin, an active foam is created. The tiny bubbles exfoliate and deep cleanse the skin, removing any impurities to leave skin feeling super soft.

Bubble_October copy.jpg