A peek behind the mask...

How Korean Beauty is leading the masking craze

Since releasing our first face mask in 2016, we at Oh K! have seen the craze for masks completely explode. According to Google’s Beauty Trends 2017 report, face masks are the biggest global skincare trend of the year so far. When it comes to masking, there’s no doubt that Korean beauty is leading the way with boundary breaking formulas and innovative packaging.

Women of every age and skin type are now able to enjoy the very best of Korean beauty from the comfort of their own homes, without taking the 11hr flight to Seoul. This means that masks are quickly becoming a staple step in our skincare routines.

But what really goes into creating these mysterious, weird and wonderful masks and just how effective are they? Well, read on to find out...


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What are the wacky ingredients about?

Here at Oh K!, we make frequent trips to the beauty capital of SoKo, Seoul, to spot the latest trends and innovations, meaning we’re first off the mark when it comes to using these ingredients and techniques in our products.


Do they really work?

Each ingredient has been discovered by beauty experts through extensive research and each hold unique and powerful properties that help to transform the look and feel of the skin.

We experiment with different materials for each mask to make sure the ingredients absorb into the skin as much as possible. Our hydrogel masks are 90% constructed from the core ingredients themselves, meaning they are super intensive and have high absorbency.

Our fibre masks create a barrier to prevent the formula evaporating and to ensure a deep penetration into the skin. Our Bamboo Charcoal and Snail Mucin formulas work perfectly in this format.

Masks generally really help the skin experience ultimate absorption and reap the benefits from each ingredient to their full extent, so whether you experience dry, oily, spot prone, dull looking or combination skin, there is a mask for every skin type.


What is next for Oh K!?

Each trip to Seoul brings new trends to our attention, each more weird & wonderful than the ones before.

At the moment, we’re experimenting with masks in every way possible, whether that’s masks for specific, targeted areas, or testing out different forms. All of our upcoming products continue with the cute and kitsch Oh K! vibe, whilst also breaking boundaries and bringing the most effective and intense formulations right to your beauty cabinets!

It’s a very exciting time for Oh K!, and for the masking trend, so stay tuned and follow us on social media to see the latest innovations.

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