Bubble Sheet Masks; what’s the fuss about?


There’s no doubt that one of the biggest crazes in K-beauty this year has been the Bubble Sheet Mask, and it’s not hard to see why….

Here’s one of our favourite beauty experts, Hannah Britt, testing out the Oh K! Bubble Sheet Mask.

Bubble Sheet Masks are not only super fun (who doesn’t want to look like a fluffy cloud?) and easy-to- use, but they’re also incredibly effective when it comes to exfoliation and effortlessly removing any impurities caused by our daily exposure to pollution, or traces of makeup.

So, how does it work?

The unique formula in the Oh K! Bubble Sheet Mask creates an active foam when it makes contact with the skin.

These magical, hard-working bubbles exfoliate the skin to help remove the dead skin cells to leave the skin feeling smooth and looking fresh.

The formula is delivered through a fibre sheet mask, which creates a barrier on the skin to prevent any of the formula evaporating and ensuring a deeper penetration into the skin.

So you can lie back on a Sunday evening, get some great shots for Instagram and stare in awe as the Oh K! Bubble Sheet Mask gets to work and restores your skin to its former glory