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Have you ever wanted to look like a panda? Silly question really – who hasn’t?

OK, have you wanted to pamper yourself at the same time with products that feel as nice as they look? If so, you’re in luck – NPW’s new Oh K! beauty range is full of pandas. Lovely, happy, ring-eyed pandas!

Thanks to the adorable panda face masks and cooling panda eye pads from Oh K! you can relax in style, letting the products enrich and cleanse your skin while you do the hard work of looking ridiculously cute.


Key features:

  • Fibre face mask
  • Contains green tea and apple
  • Made using Korean ingredients

How to use:

Cleanse your skin before use. Remove the mask from its cute sachet and place onto your face, gently pressing it into place. Sit back and relax for 15-20 minutes. Remove the mask and lightly massage any residue into the skin until it’s absorbed, then pat your skin dry with cotton wool or something delicate.

Lea from Mookychick reviews the Oh K! panda face mask

Lea from Mookychick reviews the Oh K! panda face mask

It felt wet but after I got over that it was refeshing, like cucumbers on the eyes but all over my face.
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