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Cooling Eye Pads by Oh K!

At The Amazing Blogwe know that puffy eyes are almost inevitable in today’s society. Spending hours of the day, staring at computer, phone and television screens, or, a continuous lack of sleep strains our eyes causing them to look puffy. So that is why we are so excited by Oh K! and their Cooling Eye Pads. Not only do these pads work a treat but they let you take a few moments out of your day, away from the strain and stress, to treat yourself.

Oh K! Cooling Eye Pads

Oh K! Cooling Eye Pads

The Cooling Eye Pads are so much fun to use and come in delightful Panda-themed packaging! The product is designed in such a way that when you place the eye pads over your peepers, you resemble a loveable panda - it was probably the only time we enjoyed having panda eyes! The gel eye pads are cooling so they instantly soothe and refresh the surrounding skin while brightening the eyes. It's recommended that you leave them to cool for 1-2 hours in the fridge or overnight, before lying back and letting them work their magic. The best bit is that you can even reuse them! Simply wash them after use and pop them back in the fridge!




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