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The Sassy Advent Calendar


I don’t know about you but when I was a little girl, I was completely consumed by the desire to have the perfect advent calendar. It was usually full of chocolates and featured a Wintery scene. I’m still as obsessed. So I’m creating my own Advent Calendar – online!

From 1st December, I’ll be unveiling a treat each day on Instagram during the countdown to Christmas. There will be 24 brands in total starting 1st Dec for the countdown. I hope you love reading as much as I enjoy creating!

Oh K! 12 Days of Beauty Calendar

Oh K! 12 Days of Beauty Calendar

For those of you after something a little more quirky, try the Oh K 12 day beauty calendar. Brimming with goodies like mini nail files, lip balms and more, it’s a calendar that’ll surprise you everyday.

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